1Student Placement Module

Help Students Find Job Opportunities & Track Their Placement.

eCampusLynxâ„¢ Student Placement module is a great way to help administrators assist Students with job placement and track employment history.



As with the entire eCampusLynxâ„¢ system, the screens can be customized to be industry-specific to fit the programs offered by your school.

You can search for students by Last Name, Class No., Social Security Number or Graduation dates. Entering a portion of the Last Name will produce a list of all students whose name begins with those letters, Highlighting a student's record by clicking on it displays the Application and Placement Status for that student.

When any changes are made, the updates are automatically populated into the Student Profile, eliminating the need to re-enter the data, thus saving time and resources. The Student's profile, showing the updated Student Application and Placement details with no need for redundant data entry.

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