1Student Information Management

eCampusLynx™ is comprehensive college management database software. This flexible system functions equally as well in a traditional or non-traditional learning environment and is customized to fit your school’s needs.

Each eCampusLynx™ module is available separately so you can select only one or all based on your unique situation.

eCampusLynx™ has modules to support Student Recruitment, Clinic Management, Fleet Management and Student Placement. The Program Offerings, Student Profile and Instructor Profile modules provide solutions for all of your academic management needs for student retention and success from the first contact through to graduation. Track Financial Aid, Title IV funding, PELL grants or any federal loans to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Student and Faculty Portal Services provide access to essential information in real time. The system also handles Inventory Tracking and there is an Accounting Interface which allows the data to be exported to HTML for use with third party accounting software.

With eCampusLynx™ you can choose the software delivery option that works best for your school:

* Subscribe to our cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS) model

* Install eCampusLynx™ at your site and ieLinks data center will host and manage the software for you.

* We offer each eCampusLynx™ SaaS subscription on a per-staff user basis not per-student basis; therefore, enrollment growth does not affect your software investment.

* Additionally, eCampusLynx™ is accessed through the Internet so there is no hardware or extra equipment to purchase.

Your data is secure using high performance ORACLE database technology in our Arizona collocation.

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